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The Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation was founded by renowned singer Yungchen Lhamo in 2004 to assist Tibetans around the world with direct relief supplies, as well as to educate and enlighten the global community about Tibetan culture and the challenges faced by Tibetans in Tibet and Tibetan refugees around the world.

The Foundation engages in the following activities:

Relief Activities improve the welfare of Tibetans around the world by providing them with medical care, clothing, food, shelter and artificial limbs.

Education and Culture Programs seek to improve capabilities of Tibetans in America through ESL classes, employment training and overall living skills.

Prayer and Meditation Program provides opportunities to develop insight and self-awareness for the New York City community. Through meditation and devotional singing, participants can discover their own capacity to heal the body and contribute to world peace.

>> Current project:  In the coming months, we are raising money to build an aqueduct system in a remote part of Nugchu, Tibet. The residents of this area have no real access to drinking water. Villagers are forced to spend the winter months gathering large chunks of ice to ensure their survival. We hope to have the system in place by summer, when melted ice will no longer be an option. Please donate to give these people a life free from constant worry and thirst. 


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