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The Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation was founded in 2004 by renowned singer Yungchen Lhamo. The goal of the foundation is to establish a Tibetan center for the preservation, promotion, and encouragement of Tibetan music and art; to provide assistance to Tibetans with assimilating into the US so they can contribute to their new communities; and to provide assistance for projects such as infrastructure, educational materials, clothing, and other necessities for the people of Tibet.

Relief Activities improve the welfare of Tibetans by providing them with books, shoes, jackets, and infrastructure such as an aqueduct.

Music, Art, and Meditation Programs integrate music, mindfulness, and art, in order to help facilitate in everyone a more positive outlook on life. Yungchen Lhamo truly believes that "Our Voice has a vibrational energy to connect, empower, heal, and transform all human beings."

The Nugchu Aqueduct: This past year the Foundation raised enough funds to be able to build an aqueduct for the villagers of Nugchu. The villagers now have access to local, fresh water for themselves and their livestock, which has significantly changed the quality of their lives. The money raised went towards the cost of materials, while the villagers volunteered to help build the aqueduct.

Current Project: "One Drop of Kindness" combines the voice of Yungchen and those involved into a healing, empowering, and unifying experience. This project uses the art of audience participation to help individuals step outside of their identities and see the world through the eyes of those who have been turned away from society. This exercise shows us that every life is deserving of beauty, unconditional love, and compassion from their community.


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