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Below are two galleries of images from projects that the Foundation has undertaken. Click on the header of each for a gallery of images related to that project.

1,500 pairs of shoes:
The Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation recently donated over 1,500 pairs of shoes to underprivileged Tibetan children and teenagers. The Tibetan Plateau is an immense upland, averaging more than 5000 meters in elevation. Without shoes, traversing this expanse becomes extremely difficult. Below are photos chronicling the day the shoes were dispersed to the many local residents.

The Nugchu Aqueduct:
The Yungchen Lhamo Charitable Foundation was able to raise enough funds to build an aqueduct for the villagers of remote Nugchu. The long journey to retrieve fresh water for villagers and livestock has been changed thanks to the aqueduct. Many thanks go out the generous donors who made this project possible.


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